Racing Snail Expands Brand to Become Mivation

Agents are the lifeblood of most insurers, so raising their productivity is an enticing prospect.

Racing Snail, a leading software product and technology company for insurance compensation and productivity improvement, has expanded to become Mivation.  The growth of Racing Snail, and the subsequent rebranding to Mivation, was implemented to respond effectively to the market’s vast demand for the latest version of the Racing Snail SaaS solution and a new gamification product, Leaderboard Legends.

“The change allows for more nimble product development, quickly bringing the two software products to market and expanding to vertical markets beyond insurance.  The new structure has also opened the door for Mivation to join with additional technical partners to expand the products’ capabilities and market applications.”

Jeff Brown, CEO, Mivation

Mivation’s CEO, Jeff Brown, previously served as Executive Vice President of Sales at Imprezzio, an affiliate company of Mivation. 

Mivation’s two SaaS products, Racing Snail and Leaderboard Legends, offer a framework of productivity management solutions that creates a culture of enhanced performance, recognition, momentum and fun.  Racing Snail has been available to the insurance industry since 2004, and Leaderboard Legends is releasing this Spring. 

“We are seeing an amazing amount of interest in the value these products offer and are excited to quickly respond to the market’s demand.  The powerful combination of intrinsic rewards through gamification and competitions, along with the power of managing complex compensation plans using integrated data is unparalleled.”

Jeff Brown

Racing Snail, with more than 25,000 users, is a productivity tool for insurance agencies that drives both greater sales volume and more agency profits.  It enables agents to make business decisions based on data rather than simply intuition and provides tracking, analysis and flexible compensation management.

“Leaderboard Legends, our latest SaaS solution, is designed to move the entire organization forward driving greater performance from every single participant. The software’s comprehensive motivational approach fosters a culture of recognition, motivating employees to become more engaged and productive without relying solely upon financial rewards.”

Jerome Carlile, President of SMB Division, Mivation

“We have taken everything we’ve learned over the past fourteen years about what inspires people to perform and put them in entertaining, powerful applications that work forces will want to use.”

Jeff Brown

DaRK Capital, a privately held investment firm based in Spokane, WA owns Mivation (formerly Racing Snail), Imprezzio, OmniPark and a SOC II compliant data center.  As a DaRK Capital company, Mivation will capitalize on applications that are written on core software services currently scalable to hundreds of millions of transactions.  Additionally, Mivation will leverage DaRK Capital’s SOC II compliant data center.

About Mivation

Mivation develops and markets SaaS solutions that create a culture of performance, recognition, momentum and fun.  Its software specifically enables the management of compensation, performance, productivity, motivation, gamification, actionable data and intelligence and broadcasted results.

About DaRK Capital

DaRK Capital is a privately held investment and holding company with a focus on software, technology and media.  The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Spokane, Wash.  DaRK Capital owns Imprezzio, an insurance specific software company; OmniPark, a complete parking software solution; and Mivation, a SaaS company focused on compensation, performance and motivation.