Move from managing to influencing

Ensure your team knows what they need to do, why they need to do it, and how they can get it done.


Each part of Racing Snail is designed to support the Motivational Pathway to ensure your team knows what they care about so they want to act. It begins with a foundation built upon…


Yes, goals need to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely), but it is equally important that they are VISIBLE. Racing Snail ensures the team stays focused on critical KPIs by displaying real-time goal progress and pacing.

Racing Snail clients that utilize public individual goals average 8% greater performance than those that do not. Those that use public team-based goals average 18% more*. Goals matter – a lot.

See Our Magic Formula for more details.

Motivated by...

Flexible Commission Plans:

Racing Snail enables you to create a commission plan that aligns your sales team with your company’s specific objectives. But creating a plan is only the first step; an effective commission plan influences action through communication. Racing Snail clearly communicates three critical facts to induce action:

What have I earned?
What could I earn?
How can I earn it?

Tiers, accelerators, activity bonuses, consistency bonuses, and team-based plans are just some of the mechanisms available to create a motivating commission plan to drive your business.

Supported by...

Activity Plans:

Businesses that utilize daily activity plans have performance that is significantly greater than those that do not – up to 30% greater*.

Activity plans keep your team focused upon the leading indicators that will ultimately produce sales. By managing these leading indicators, managers can identify and correct pipeline-building problems BEFORE they become sales problems.

See our Magic Formula for more details.


Communicated through...

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Racing Snail enables managers to make educated decisions based upon information rather than intuition. But team members also want and need access to performance data.

Interactive data visualizations enable both managers and team members to identify trends, understand the relationships between leading and lagging indicators, and evaluate performance individually and as a team.

Many Racing Snail clients experience increased performance simply from exposing real-time performance data that enables team members to self-coach.

Made tangible through...

"What if" Calculations:

“Left on the Table” calculations continuously motivate performance by making potential earnings visible and tangible.

Good sales reps want to know how much they can make. Many maintain their own spreadsheets to track their progress and project their earnings. Racing Snail’s Compensation Estimator empowers reps to motivate themselves by seeing both what they could earn and a clear pathway to earn it.

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Clarified by...

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ROI Reports:

Ever wondered when you will “break-even” for one of your team members? ROI reports illuminate the short and long-term return on investment for individuals or even the entire team by comparing a team member’s costs with the revenue they generate. Calculations even extrapolate and incorporate future revenues for residual income businesses such as insurance agencies to estimate the number of months it takes to “break-even” on your investment.

Marketing ROI reports help you to quickly differentiate between profitable and unprofitable marketing sources at both a broad category-based level or all the way down to specific marketing campaigns.

Delivered by...

Data Integration:

The Mivation gateway can handle data from a variety of sources including CRM systems, AMS software, telephony platforms, as well as custom client software.

While integration is more convenient for users (no duplicate data entry), it also has a significant motivational component. The faster performance data is delivered, the more likely it is to influence behavior.

Supports cohesive corporate strategy execution.Challenge:
Disconnect between what management sants and what team members do.


Comprehensive motivational strategy that aligns team member motivations with company objectives.

Greater ability to influence results and more predictable outcomes.

Sales Manager:
Makes maganing and coaching easier and more effective.


Lack of timely performance data makes it difficult to provide adequate coaching.

Racing Snail clearly identifies your stars, strivers, and strugglers while illuminating the leading indicator activities that are essential for success.

Armed with relevant data, Sales Managers become more helpful to their tgeams. They can provide personalized coaching to assist individual team members to become more productive and make more money.

“Racing Snail is a great tool to help motivate my sales staff to constantly try to reach the next level! One of the features I like most is how my sales staff can literally see their paycheck in real-time. I will never ever be going back to using spreadsheet for commissions!”

Sales Mgr, Retail Insurance

Team Members:
Provides the motivational triggers that drive performance, engagement, and work satisfaction.

Poor transparency into commission calculations and KPI data obscure powerful motivational triggers that drive action

Racing Snail shows commissions in real time so team members always know exactly what they will earn. Commission reports and calculators enable team members to clearly understand the commission plan as well as how they can maximize their earnings.

The commission plan influences the right behaviors because team members understand the connection between what they do, and what they earn.

“I’m making more money than ever before because I finally understand what I need to do to maximize my commissions. I used to just guess and hope for the best, now I’m on target month after month and I absolutely love that feeling.”