Motivate Compensate Inspire
your workforce

Ignite performance, propel productivity.

Encourage Competition

Create a culture of performance, recognition, momentum and fun.

Motivate Achievement

A combination of Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivators that inspire your employees to achieve.

Actionable Analytics

Actionable business data that shapes productivity and business results.

Empower Employees

Real-time results and feedback that empower your employees to succeed.

Attainable Goals

Compensation management tools that dramatically increase production.

Unleash mastery, motivation & momentum

Leaderboard Legends moves the entire organization forward by driving greater performance from every single participant. Our comprehensive motivational approach fosters a culture of recognition, motivating employees to become more engaged and productive.


Improve productivity and incentivize your team

Racing Snail is the insurance industry’s leading sales productivity improvement and incentive management platform.  Thousands of agencies have dramatically increased sales production through Racing Snail’s data-driven success framework.

We've heard...

Racing Snail is amazing. It's helped me track production in my office and in turn, hold my team accountable. The team is easy and professional to work with. I highly recommend Racing Snail.
Carolyn B.
I have used Racing Snail for years to track sales production numbers and I swear by the program. It allows me to track marketing and team member ROI, and so much more. I will never use anything else.
Scott B.
Racing Snail has continually updated to make it an awesome tool to get a snapshot of my teams current production, the ROI of both marketing and payroll, and it includes awesome reporting.
Keir J.

Accelerate your workforce