Intrinsic Motivator

People want to be good at their jobs, but how do they know they are good? From a once-a-year HR-scripted performance review? One of the best ways to keep strong performers motivated is to ensure they have real-time, relevant performance data that illuminates the relationship between leading indicator activities and lagging indicator results.

Intrinsic Motivator

We are social creatures who want to belong to a group and have influence within that group. Contribution is how we use our time and talents to help others, and thereby become important to those we help. Tea-based competitions, goals, and compensation requirements all serve to trigger our desire to contribute to the group through our efforts. They also enhance communication, encourage mentoring, and improve overall workplace morale significantly.

Intrinsic Motivator

Purpose is a greatly misunderstood motivator. Rather than a grandiose, existential longing for meaning, purpose is a desire to be useful. Unfortunately, many do not understand how they are uniquely useful to those around them, or how they can increase that usefulness. A comprehensive motivational strategy can illuminate how a person is, or can be become, useful.

Extrinsic Motivator

Competition, under the right conditions, can be a powerful motivator because it provides a person with an objective measure of their performance versus others. Sales reps tend to be competitive by nature and are highly motivated by both competition prizes and the corresponding recognition for achievement. For those who are NOT the top performers, competition may be a de-motivator – unless you understand the dynamics of effective competitions.

Extrinsic Motivator

Public recognition compounds the effects of intrinsic motivators. It Recognizes, Elevates, and Validates desired outcomes. This REV cycle reinforces positive behavior for both the person being celebrated and those who see the recognition. Over 50% of the workforce does not feel appreciated. Fortunately, recognition is relatively easy to provide with the right tools.

Intrinsic Motivator

Accountability = trust. People inherently want others to trust them and the best way to earn trust is by meeting commitments. Both individual and team-based goals are incredibly powerful methods to foster a genuine, personal sense of commitment for results – IF those goals are set, communicated, and measured effectively.

Compensation (Money)
Extrinsic Motivator

Money is of course a significant motivator, but it has a catch: the more money a person has, the less it works as a motivator. A person who has reached their personal level of financial comfort, the less likely they are to be motivated by more money. This conundrum can be greatly mitigated by continuously targeting intrinsic motivators such as contribution, mastery, etc. An effective motivation strategy targets both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Intrinsic Motivator

Autonomy, the freedom to make decisions, is one of the most powerful of all motivators. Autonomous employees are more creative, more productive and more committed due to a greater sense of ownership. Goals & activity plans illuminate who is ready for additional freedom while creating a clear pathway to that freedom for each employee. “Vital Stats” reports enable employees to craft their own personal success formula based upon their own strengths.

Intrinsic Motivator

A successful career is defined by movement. Whether a person is climbing the corporate ladder or advancing in their skills and abilities, they want to see professional progress and growth. But growth is usually a slow process that is indiscernible unless viewed over a long enough time period.  The key to triggering this motivation is to capture the data that proves their progress and growth and then visibly display it in an intuitive and engaging format.

Some people are motivated by

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You do have a motivational strategy, right?

Motivational Strategy: A method of aligning employee motivations with company goals by effectively coordinating performance expectations, communication and rewards & incentives to drive superior performance.

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An effective motivational strategy ensures that people know about, what they care about, so they want to do something about it.

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