Productivity & Compensation

Illuminate your agency with comprehensive tracking, analysis and incentive management.

Improve Productivity through Actionable Data

A flexible, insurance-focused productivity improvement tool that goes far beyond static reporting by providing actionable business data used by thousand of agencies to grow their businesses.

Racing Snail is a dynamic solution for effectively managing activities, automating complex compensation planning and illuminating ROI reporting.

74%new customers from referrals

43%lift in sales results

Activity Goals

Effectively managing activities is essential to achieving predictable sales results. Racing Snail provides a daily Success Framework that holds team members accountable for consistently completing the income-producing activities that lead to sales.

Incentive Management

Enable agents to match their staff’s compensation with the agency’s objectives.  Whether the objective is great P&C production, more financial services sales, better retention or more profitable production, Racing Snail can provide a compensation plan to support it.

ROI Reports

Two of the largest expenditures for an agency are marketing and staff. By illustrating their profitability, Racing Snail empowers agents to move marketing dollars to profitable sources, adjust compensation to match productivity, identify low and high performing staff and maximize dollars.


Formula for Success

Fifteen years in use, and thousands of agencies using our software has revealed that there is indeed a Success Formula for increasing production by a significant amount. Contact us today to find out how Racing Snail facilitates this success formula in your office to drive greater results immediately.

Accelerate your workforce