Working for Mivation

Start a new career with Mivation. We offer a full range of benefits along with a fun and innovative atmosphere.

What is it like to work at Mivation?

Working at Mivation is a bit different than at most companies because we are obsessed with motivation; it’s why our company exists! This obsession means that we have a far better understanding of what motivates people at work, and we put that knowledge into practice.
Sure, money matters, but we believe the following are just as important for career happiness:
Opportunity to learn valuable skills
Expand your comfort zone, move forward
Be a key player on a high-performing team
Use your creativity, pursue your curiosity
Become the architect of you impact

While the list above guides both our product development and our company culture, if you were to ask Mivation team members, “What’s your favorite part of working for Mivation,” the most common answer you would probably hear would be:


We go to great lengths to hire fantastic team members, then train them to be awesome at their jobs; it only makes sense that we would listen to them!  Our team, after all, is one of the greatest resources that we have for new ideas. In fact, we believe that ideas are so important that we even give them rights.

Golden Snail Rule
Ideas Have Rights

Conduct yourself so that clients want to hire you and co-workers want to work with you. 

Ideas will live or die based upon their own merit.

Improve Your Job
Eat Small Frogs

Take the initiative to make your jobe the best it can be.

Face problems quickly, admit mistakes fearlessly.


of our team are Millenials


were born outside the United States


played professional basketball


of our team are Gen-Z


of our team are pet owners


of our team are Gen-X

Interesting Facts

 We are always looking for new talent. Our diverse team is made up of software engineers, technical specialists, customer service representatives, and more. We are proud of our diverse team. Mivation is made up of people throughout the United States and parts of the world.