The Motivational Pathway

Motivation is what happens when we want something badly enough to do something about it. 

Motivational Pathway

It is impossible to care about something that you don’t know about. And yet, organizations regularly complain that their teams are “unmotivated” to help the company achieve objectives that were never communicated to them. Racing Snail can solve this problem- let’s break it down step-by-step:

Step 1

Data must be delivered promptly in an intuitive, highly visible format. Users should not have to look for the data, nor should they have to expend any time or effort in deciphering the data. Spreadsheets typically fail all these these requirements.


Step 2

The data must be wrapped in personally relevant context, increasing the chances that those receiving it will pay attention to and care about what they see. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to provide this context to increase the chances that you will strike the right motivational “note” with each team member.

Step 3

This step is entirely up to the team member, but if you have done a good job in the previous two steps it greatly increases the chances that the team member will want to act based upon what they have seen.


Step 4

Motivation is what happens when we want something badly enough to act upon it. But it’s not simply about motivating action, it’s about motivating the right action. During this step you can guide what actions should be taken to achieve the desired result.