Public Service

Make them feel valuable by showing them their service is valued​

Public service organizations often don’t have the liberty of offering additional financial rewards. Fortunately, there are other ways to motivate public service employees just as effectively – if you know how.

Different motivators, same goal​

Public service employees measure their success differently than in the private sector- it’s about impact rather than money. But regardless of how it is measured, they both want the same thing – success. Leaderboard Legends was created to motivate people to be successful, not just to make more money. 

Move from managing to motivating

“Leaderboard Legends fundamentally changed the dynamics of the job. Callers went from grudging compliance to enthusiastic participation. It gave them a reason to care.”

Craig Rice – President, Wowza LLC

Mivation Client

2+ Years

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Positive recognition creates positive results. Leaderboard Legends automates and elevates recognition to ensure people are celebrated for their achievements promptly and publicly.​

Public service employees are driven by a genuine desire to help others, but their efforts often go unrecognized and uncelebrated. This lack of positive reinforcement can lead to “compassion fatigue” which is a precursor for burnout and turnover. Leaderboard Legends provides an engaging and entertaining framework to identify, quantify and communicate key performance metrics so that public service employees receive the recognition they deserve for a job well done. 

We’re all in this together​

There is a bond created among those who face the same challenges. Leaderboard Legends can transform isolated, individual, and repetitive tasks into a team effort. By creating teams, we change the dynamic from simply doing their job, to doing their part. 


Give them something to be proud of

Regardless of the vocation, people want to excel, and they want to improve. But without objective measurements, they have no way to self-evaluate or measure their own progress. Leaderboard Legends delivers objective measurements that enable public service employees to know when they’ve done a great job. 

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Celebrate Achievement

Recognizing significant personal achievements is one of the most effective, easiest, and least expensive ways of rewarding and reinforcing strong performance. Broadcasts, in-app reports, and daily emails highlight achievements and make it easy for managers to provide timely and relevant positive feedback. Leaderboard Legends ensures that achievements are identified and amplified to provide the most motivational support possible. 

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Semper Fi

Public service is fundamentally about one group (the government) helping another group (the public). Leaderboard Legends supports group dynamics through teams. Team-based goals, KPIs, and competitions encourage cooperation, team-building, communication, and camaraderie while uniting individuals behind a common goal. ​

To know is to do

Help them get what they want from their work

Public service employees may not have the same financial motivations as those in the private sector, and that’s good thing, but they certainly have the same intrinsic motivations as anyone else. Without using money, Leaderboard Legends helps to trigger these powerful intrinsic motivators:​

  • Accountability: I do what I say I will do​
  • Mastery: I’m good at my job​
  • Progress: I’m growing​
  • Contribution: I matter to my team
  • Autonomy: I’m self-directed​Contribution: I matter to my team
  • Purpose: My work is valuable​