An engaged team is a productive team

Make your team more productive by making their work more rewarding.

Leaderboard Legends drives team engagement by triggering extrinsic and intrinsic motivators to highlight more reasons to achieve. Reasons like personal accountability through…


In the realm of motivational theory, the positive impact of goals upon performance is about as close as you can get to “settled science”. Our own data shows that public individual and team-based goals are associated with 8% and 18% greater performance respectively.*

Leaderboard Legends enables multi-tier goals for any metric for both individuals and teams. Data-rich gauges complete with “smart” colors indicate progress and pacing so team members can adjust their activity level in real-time to ensure they stay on track.

See our Magic Formula for more details.

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Friendly professional competitions...


Competitions are a fantastic way to focus your team on an objective. They are particularly effective at:

  • Influencing people to do more. (e.g. activities, sales)
  • Influencing people to do something different (e.g. change management, enter data in a CRM, etc.)

Leaderboard Legends competitions can be configured to handle sales data, activity data, telephony data and just about any other KPI important to your organization. Interorganizational “challenges” stoke healthy competitive rivalries and can be either individual or team-based.

Personal achievement...

Stats - Leaderboards - Records

Simply providing visibility to relevant performance statistics can serve as a motivator because ambitious team members will use the data to evaluate their own performance.

Public leaderboards can be configured to show rankings by individual or group for any metric and for any timeframe and communicated via broadcast or email.

Performance records create an additional layer of motivators that encourage continuous improvement are entirely based upon personal pride rather than financial rewards.



Create focus by making it fun! Team members can spin a virtual prize wheel to reveal rewards, wheelspins can be earned by hitting goals, placing in a competition, or by being directly awarded for a specific achievement.

Supplementing competitions with wheelspins, provides additional motivation for everyone to continue performing, even those who are not on pace to win the competition.

Public recognition...


According to Gallup, 59% of workers feel like they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Let’s solve that. Leaderboard Legends automatically broadcasts significant achievements to a webpage or smart TV to ensure a steady stream of public recognition and positive reinforcement.

The positive impact of recognition greatly diminishes if there is any delay in delivering the message. Instant updates through Leaderboard Legends’ broadcasts ensure that timely, public recognition will compound the motivational “force” of team member achievement while encouraging others in the process.

Delivered by...

Data Integration:

The Mivation gateway can handle data from a variety of sources including CRM systems, AMS software, telephony platforms, as well as custom client software.

We have four different methods of accepting data including:

  • Integration
  • In-app manual entry
  • .xls upload
  • QR code (event attendance tracking)

Regardless of the method used, the faster performance data is delivered, the more likely it is to influence behavior.

Align organization, drive change, improve performance.


Creating focus among competing objectives across the organization is difficult and slow.

A flexible platform that is configured to the organization’s goals, communicated to capture the attention of managers and team members, and executed by capitalizing upon both extrinsic and natural intrinsic motivations.

Rapid and significant performance improvement (10%-40%).

Sales Manager:
Reduced administrative headaches, no more spreadsheets.


Manually-intensive process to collate and organize data from multiple systems results in lagging reports, poor communication, and marginal team engagement.

Leaderboard Legends automates the data collection process, amplifies communication, and drives team member engagement.

Goals, KPIs, and competitions are administratively easier to manage and are also more influential and effective.

“I was initially skeptical about their claims that their tools could boost performance without even using money as motivator- then I saw the results. Now I’m a believer and so is my whole team.”

Sales Mgr, Services Scheduling

Team Members:
Visibility into what’s personally important.


They can’t care about what they don’t know about.

Leaderboard Legends creates layers of personally relevant context (motivational triggers), and then promptly communicates these triggers so that team members are motivated to act. Team members get the information they want when they need it and can still act upon it.

Personally relevant context influences team members to want to do more. Performance becomes personal.

“Leaderboard Legends helps me to stay focused but it’s also fun. I’m always working on breaking my personal records and in the process, I set a recently set a sales record for the office. But my favorite part is winning wheel spins!”

Insurance Agent Team Member, Los Angelas