Revolutionize Your Commission Process with Xcelerator

Are you drowning in paperwork while managing commission statements? Say goodbye to the chaos and welcome Xcelerator from Mivation, your independent agency's game-changer.

Are you Tired of Spending Hours...

Are you tired of spending hours every week grappling with the complexities of managing commission statements for your Independent Insurance Agency?  We get it – you didn’t choose this career to drown in paperwork.

Introducing Xcelerator from Mivation, the game-changer your agency has been waiting for.

Picture this: No more tedious hours sifting through commission statements from countless carriers. With Xcelerator, we seamlessly merge sales and commission data from your carrier statements with assignment and policy details from your Agency Management System.

Why settle for confusion when you can have clarity? Xcelerator provides you with a unified, organized view of thousands of transactions, including new business, renewals, chargebacks, and adjustments across all your carriers. What’s more, it calculates your team’s variable compensation with unparalleled accuracy, aligning seamlessly with your agency’s custom commission plan.

Ever had a question about a specific transaction? With Xcelerator, just click on it, and you’ll be instantly transported to the original agency commission statement stored securely in Xcelerator’s statement library. No more printing, reviewing, highlighting, and shredding – we’ve simplified it all for you.

Your agency’s commissions are the lifeblood that sustains not just your business, but your family and team. Isn’t it time to reclaim your hours, reduce expenses, and spend more time on the things you truly enjoy?

Xcelerator – because your success deserves simplicity. Accelerate your agency today!

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What They’re Saying..

“Our focus in curating our Partner programs is seeking out like-minded technology companies that are bringing force multipliers to independent agencies, which is exactly what we find with our friends at Mivation.  HawkSoft and the new integration with Xcelerator allows an agency to better tackle commission tracking, ensuring that team members are appropriately compensated for their hard work without bogging down the agency in stressful Excel files.”

Rushang Shah, Chief Marketing Officer at HawkSoft.

Xcelerator Benefits

Unified View

Transform data chaos into clarity! Xcelerator creates a unified view of agency commissions and assignments, seamlessly merging data from carrier statements and your AMS.

Secure Repository

Access every statement with a click – each linked from the individual transaction. Xcelerator's statement library organizes transactions by carrier and month, ensuring a secure and easily accessible repository.

Precise Commissions

Ensure precise, hassle-free commissions with flexible plans, and consistency bonuses that align with your agency's growth strategy.

Whay They’re Saying..

“Xcelerator gave me my work/life balance back. It made my agency more efficient, and I can spend more time with clients and family.”

Melissa Ems, President at Melissa Ems Insurance Agency, Inc.

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The Process

Experience our commitment to your success from sign-up to set-up. After signing up, you’ll be partnered with a dedicated Client Success Manager. This expert will guide you through the set-up process, assisting in documenting the carrier statements you want to incorporate into your Xcelerator account. They’ll help integrate data from your Agency Management Systems, build a tailored agency commission plan, and act as a liaison with our partner, ASM, for those opting to outsource the statement download process. Your journey with us does not end after sign-up; we’ll stay with you on your personalized roadmap to success.

Xcelerator is based on the number of users in your agency – you only pay for what you need.  Xcelerator is hosted in the cloud – there is no software to install.

What's Included

About Mivation

Mivation understands insurance, insurance agents, and producers. Our core product, Racing Snail, has processed over $1 billion in commissions for our captive agency clients and consumes over 1 million transactions every day.  We have agreements with some of the largest carriers in North America and are SOC 2, Type II compliant.

We are excited to bring Racing Snail into the independent insurance market – for years independent agents have asked us to help them with their commissions – we listened. Xcelerator is our solution for independent agents. Xcelerator combines  the time-tested commission calculation functions of Racing Snail with new cutting-edge technology that merges heterogeneous statement data with AMS data. Supported by key partnerships such as Hawksoft, we are excited to bring Xcelerator to help the independent agent!    

REady to embark on a new era of effciency and success?

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No, the only limitation is on healthcare statements that include HIPPA-protected data.

We understand the sensitive nature of agency commission statements and the desire to limit who can view them.  View permissions can be configured for the Agency owner only, your Office Manager, or for those who choose transparency, all team members.

Security is a primary concern at Mivation. Your data is securely stored in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment distributed across two U.S.-based data centers for redundancy.  Mivation is also SOC 2, Type II compliant.

Xcelerator has two cohorts per month beginning on the 10th and the 25th. Upon signup, you will be assigned to a cohort (or can request one). Your cohort date marks when all of your commission data will be ready to review each month. Once you sign up (and complete the prep work), you will be placed into the next available cohort the following month.  Cohorts are limited in size and based on signup date, the sooner you sign up and complete your prep work, the sooner you are assigned a cohort and on your way to a new way to run your agency!

Xcelerator has an integration with Hawksoft and will also work with AMS’s that support book-of-business exports which can then be uploaded into Xcelerator.

Xcelerator combines the most critical elements from your carrier commission statements (policy number, commissionable premium, agency commission, etc) with relevant data from your AMS (assigned producer, policy type, source of business, etc.) to give you a comprehensive commissionable transaction.

REady to embark on a new era of effciency and success?

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