What is Xcelerator?

Xcelerator is based on the number of users in your agency and managed carrier statements– you only pay for what you need. 
Xcelerator is hosted in the cloud – there is no software to install.

Precise Commission Plans:

  • Calculates your team’s variable compensation from actuals vs. estimated with unparalleled accuracy
  • Multiple transaction types to pay commission on; new business, renewals, rewrites, etc.
  • % of Agency commission or % of premium or flat $
  • Consistency Bonus-Motivate your team to hit production goals each month, eliminating inconsistent production.
  • Production Goals-set clear goals and create early warning coaching opportunities
  • Automated assignments based on assignment and policy data feed from HawkSoft’ s one-way API
  • Automated payouts – run commission payouts in seconds.

Data Input of Managed Statements:

  • Input of all transaction data from multiple carrier statements, regardless of file format, including business types such as new, renewal, rewrites, chargebacks, etc.
  • Merging of transactions with assignment data from integrated AMS systems such as Hawksoft

Unified & Organized View:

  • Unified view of all transactions, including new business, renewals, chargebacks, and adjustments across all your carrier statements.
  • Smart linking – access every statement with a click, each linked from the individual transaction.
  • Statement Library organizes statements by carrier and month.

What does it cost?

Monthly Fee

$45 / month - per user
  • Commences upon go-live

One-Time Setup

  • Up to 25 managed carrier statements ($35/statement after)
  • Hawksoft clients get merged historical assignment policy data
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Data Fee

$250 / month
  • Commences upon go-live
  • $35 per statement after first 25

If you're ready to Xcelerate your business click the link below.

If you would like to learn more about Xcelerator schedule a demo with on of our experts.