How Mivation Helps Contact Centers Increase Engagement, Drive Consistent Results, and Improve Morale

Craig Rice - President, Wowza LLC


Wowza is a program management, educational program development, process improvement, and data analysis consulting firm with over 20 years of experience. Wowza clients come from a wide range of markets, including public health, education, facility management, and construction.

Globe, AZ

Leaderboard Legends
Mivation Motivational Workshops

“Leaderboard Legends fundamentally changed the dynamics of the job. Reps went from grudging compliance to enthusiastic participation. It gave them a reason to care.”

Wowza helps organizations make better use of the resources they already have through education, program development, and process improvements. Wowza delivers significant improvements by introducing and implementing creative solutions that challenge entrenched, and ineffective legacy processes and thought paradigms. Ultimately, Wowza aims to improve employee morale and organizational results, by improving the work environment.

The challenge

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, national and local governments were desperate to understand critical community health metrics such as testing rates, vaccination rates, and potential pandemic-related demographics. Wowza was tasked by the Health Department of Gila County, a rural county in Arizona, with collecting this data through outbound phone calls to the public made by current Gila County Health employees. In short, they had to create a contact center on the fly and staff it with totally inexperienced reps who never “signed up” to be outbound callers. A challenge indeed.

How does your agency use Mivation’s products?

Wowza utilized three components from Leaderboard Legends for their outbound reps:

  • Personal Goals: each caller had their own personal goal for surveys collected.
  • Team Goals: they divided the county into teams based on geography and set a team-based goal.
  • Team Competitions: teams competed for prizes on a weekly and monthly basis.

To supplement their efforts with Leaderboard Legends, Wowza had Gila County Health management attend several Mivation workshops on the nature of motivation and how supervisors can influence their teams for better results and improved morale.

The Impact

Prior to launching Leaderboard Legends, “call reluctance” was a significant problem. The reps were not enthusiastic about the task, and they resented the arduous and repetitive data-collection process. Compounding these issues was a lack of data transparency exacerbated by untimely and inconsistent reporting. Upon releasing Leaderboard Legends, data collection immediately increased exponentially. But more significantly, the reps began to enjoy the process. Reps closely monitored their personal performance and routinely exchanged competitive banter with other reps. A dreaded task had become an important and entertaining source of personal pride. By the end of the project, Gila County had the most comprehensive COVID-19 survey data of any Arizona County.

  • Mivation helped Wowza to turn an unmotivated call team made up of unwilling participants into an engaged and highly motivated team. “With Leaderboard Legends they went from complaining to competing and loving every bit of it.
  • By using Goals to improve focus, and Team Competitions to create excitement, Mivation helped Wowza to successfully elevate their client, Gila Country Health, by it being recognized as the most successful Arizona country for COVID-19 survey collections.
  • Workshops that explain “the why” of Leaderboard Legends greatly increased the understanding, enthusiasm, and participation of key supervisors in the motivation of their teams.