How Mivation Helps Captive Insurance Agents Create High Performing Sales Teams

Perry Olson - Agent, Captive Carrier

Perry Olson has been an agent for 16 years during which he grew one location from scratch to three locations, over 10,500 households, and over 25,000 policies. He currently employs 30+ team members. and is one of the most decorated agents at his carrier boasting just about every award that can be earned, many of them simultaneously for each of his locations. 

Las Vegas, NV

Racing Snail

“I simply could not run my agencies without Racing Snail. I have too many locations and too many staff to manage through spreadsheets. Racing Snail doesn’t just make it possible, it makes it easy.”

Perry Olson is one of the most decorated agents at his carrier. His accolades include the highest honors offered by his carrier, including President’s Club and Trophy Winner (top 10 in the country), many earned simultaneously for multiple locations.  ​

Perry has generously donated both his talents and financial resources to his community. To date, he has funded over $100,000 in scholarships to deserving students attending his alma mater in hopes of giving them a head start in their futures. He has volunteered to publicly share his knowledge with other agents over 350 times – without compensation. Perry exemplifies the very best of the insurance profession through his business savvy, management skills, and philanthropic contributions.​

The challenge

“When I signed up for Racing Snail, I was really looking for a platform that could calculate my commissions, but also allow me the flexibility to tweak my plans as much as I wanted and to customize it to fit my ever-changing office. Trying to manage the commissions for over 30 team members was just a nightmare without Racing Snail.”​

“At the same time, it was their ROI feature that really sold me. I have to be able to track my ROI on my employees and on my marketing sources. I believe insurance agents should analyze the effectiveness of their agencies just like any other business. I don’t just make decisions; I make decisions based on data”.

How does your agency use Mivation’s products?

“I use them in order to keep track of my 3 offices. It allows me to keep all 3 offices (30+ team members) in one account so I can very easily have visibility into what my team is producing even if I’m not able to be there, and the email reports are great! It also makes tracking both policy count AND premium a lot easier. Tracking sales, calculating commissions, and ROI are my most used features in the system”.

The Impact

“It’s had a massive impact on all my agencies. It’s so easy to run payout reports, I used to use excel sheets and it would take me hours; I would never go back to that headache. I now have the time to actually input my chargebacks and cancellations, I can quickly see if any premiums changed to be higher or lower. Overall, it has saved me a ton of time, a ton of money, and a ton of frustration”.

  • One of the most successful agents at one of the largest captive carriers in the country relies upon Racing Snail to calculate staff commissions.​
  • Sophisticated agencies need more than spreadsheets to track commissions, policy counts, and premium totals.​
  • As an agency grows, its needs will change. Racing Snail makes it easy to update commission plans to support the changing objectives of a growing agency. ​
  • Racing Snail keeps separate offices aligned and focused on the key performance metrics that will help Perry’s insurance business continue to grow. ​