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Engaged employees are more productive

What if you could get your team more motivated, engaged and productive while simultaneously lifting morale, reducing turnover and improving the bottom line? Leaderboard Legends ignites performance and propels productivity, in an entertaining gamification solution your team will love to use.

By combining intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, Leaderboard Legends is designed to move the entire organization forward driving greater performance from every single participant. This comprehensive motivational approach fosters a culture of recognition, motivating employees to become more engaged and productive without relying solely upon financial rewards.


Racing Snail agencies sell more

Thousands of insurance agencies have dramatically increased sales production using the RacingSnail tracking, analysis and incentive framework. RacingSnail simplifies agents’ process of managing complex compensation plans, saving time and money, while showing team members exactly the actions needed for success.

Racing Snail was created by two insurance professionals who were frustrated by a lack of actionable business data. They needed a tool to affect change NOW, not simply review sales results. Today, thousands of agents are reaping the benefits of Racing Snail’s flexible, insurance-focused compensation management and productivity improvement tools.


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