Chief Executive: Game, Change

UNITED NATURAL FOODS HAD A secret weapon in its $2.9 billion acquisition of SuperValu last year: a mobile game app. The contest asked SuperValu workers multiple-choice questions about their new employer, such as, “About how many new items per month is UNFI first to market with?” Four options ranged from 500-to 10,000. The correct answer […]

Time to look at gamification like Minecraft and Angry Birds to Increase Sales

This article was originally posted on and is written by Henry DeVries. Read original article. What would you rather do: work, or play Minecraft, Angry Birds or Madden NFL 19? Duh. Play video games. And that is why so many companies are turning to gamification to increase sales. Many business development tasks are drudgery. […]

Gaming makes work fun

This article was originally posted on and it written by Seth Preus. Read original article. Gamification pushes insurance agents to be more engaged, motivated and productive. Each year, insurance agency managers spend countless hours designing compensation plans that are intended to motivate their teams to do more. The problem is, the vast majority of […]

The benefit of turning sales into a game

This article was originally posted on Life Annuity Specialist and is written by Cyril Tuohy. Agents are the lifeblood of most insurers, so raising their productivity is an enticing prospect. Leaderboard Legends is the latest to try by turning sales into a game. Its software tries to motivate agents, boost productivity and help insurers improve […]