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Passionate about productivity, mesmerized by the magic of motivation.

Motivation is one of the most critical components to success and yet few of us really understand it. There are countless books, seminars, and speakers dedicated to revealing the secrets of motivation. But is it really that mysterious?
Seth demystifies motivation with a fresh perspective on the timeline truths behind what truly motivates us. Seth’s content empowers managers seeking to motivate their teams and inspires young professionals trying to get ahead.
Seth doesn’t believe motivation miraculously begins from “think-positive” hype or “Jedi-mind tricks”, but from the actions we take. Seth can show you motivation isn’t a feeling, it’s a doing. If you do it right, you can create the most powerful form of motivation – passion.

Get your team to WANT to perform

Articles and Podcasts
At the age of 19 Seth began his professional journey selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door. This began a lifelong obsession with sales productivity and the mysteries of motivation. In 2005 he created Racing Snail, a productivity and compensation tool used by thousands of top insurance producers in the United States and Canada. He is also the creator of Leaderboard Legends (featured on Forbes.com), a comprehensive motivational framework that leverages intrinsic motivators to drive greater engagement and superior results. Today, through presentations and workshops he uses his experience to change the equation from “How can I get my team to perform?” to “How can I get my team to WANT to perform.”

Creating software that drives performance by capitalizing on both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational triggers

Through a rare combination of extensive sales experience and technical expertise, his tools have helped thousands of businesses to reach the next level of sales performance. Seth has been featured on Forbes.com, PropertyCasualty360.com, Property-CasualtyDigital.com, Life Annuity Specialist, and Insurance Radio.

Over 20 years selling experience

30 years entrepreneur

Over 20 years in productivity management

Founder of Mivation

Featured on Forbes.com

Author of a weekly blog, articles and white papers​

Widely sought public speaker

Founder and creator of Racing Snail

When managers truly understand the nature and mechanics of motivation, they have a far greater capacity to influence their teams than they ever realized.

  • You cannot create motivation, but you can influence it
  • Intrinsic motivators are more effective, enduring, and impactful – if you understand how to capitalize upon them
  • Money is rarely the answer to improving motivation
  • Most, but not all, of your team can be influenced to improve
  • Real-time production data is the foundation for any motivational framework
  • You can kill the motivation of most of your team if you only focus on your star performers
Seth’s presentation at our ACT Meeting was the perfect way to end the day! While ACT focuses on technology trends and workflow improvements, Seth brought real insights to something that touches all whether a carrier, vendor, agency, or association – motivating teams to achieve the very best. In his presentation, Seth approached ultimate motivation from a number of fresh angles, and ensured all attendees had solid takeaways.
Ron Berg
Executive Director - Agents Council for Technology / Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.


How do I motivate my team?

I am constantly asked this question by everyone from corporate managers to agency managers to individual agents? Amazon lists over 50,000 titles on this topic alone, so it’s not just an issue in the financial services world.  For over 14 years I’ve worked to find the answer to this question specifically as it applies to the insurance and financial services industry. And I discovered something, if you want your team to do more you have to get them to WANT to do more. By analyzing thousands of producers, I’ve been to able to isolate the specific mechanisms that lead to greater performance, what we call the Magic Formula. In my presentation we examine this Magic Formula and its surprising ingredients as I dissect the nature of motivation. We learn the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. Hint, most business focus exclusively, and ineffectively, on extrinsic motivators. We explore the different types of motivational triggers and how they work in conjunction with each through the 3M Motivation Cycle. But most importantly, I show leaders HOW they can reliably influence the motivation of their teams through specific examples that they can implement immediately in their businesses. It’s a fast moving, high energy presentation that leaves attendees with a sense of empowerment that they can tackle one of the most elusive questions in our industry – How do I motivate my team?

Speech Topics

The 3Ms of motivation
You cannot create motivation, but you can influence it.
The Magic Formula
A suprising exploration of what really drives production
The Mechanics of Motivation

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, how to use them to accelerate achievement

Slugs, Strivers, Strugglers and Stars

How to motivate the “moveable middle” to propel your organization

Data Drives Decisions
How providing a real-time view of performance is the foundation for your motivational framework
The Perfect Sales Competition
Setting your sales teams up for success by building effective competitions

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