As of October 22, we’ve garaged our antique

Sometimes an old car becomes too slow, too unreliable, and demands too many repairs to justify keeping it in service. After countless miles and millions of transactions the time has come to retire our beloved Silverlight Racing Snail model. Let’s face it, the years have taken their toll, it was ugly and really hard to drive. You could only drive it on the highway, no off-roading (mobile). Heck, we couldn’t even find parts (Internet Explorer) for it anymore!  

Fortunately, we traded up to a much better model that is fully loaded with the latest and greatest options. It’s better-looking, easier to operate, and infinitely upgradeable.  

Most of you have fired up the new model, parked the old model, and chucked the keys, but a few of you may not have known it has been garaged. Racing Snail Silverlight has fulfilled its purpose and has been permanently retired from service. Please understand, and we are trying to be sensitive here, “retired” means that we’ve literally and digitally “pulled the spark-plug” on Racing Snail Silverlight effective October 22, 2021.  

Sniff. Sad, but necessary and it was for the greater good. 

You can access the new version using the same keys (username & password) that you used with the old version. See, we kept some things the same for you. Please update your bookmarked favorite with this new URL.

Weekly Guided Tours

If you still need driver’s education on the new model please join one of our weekly test drives.

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