Leaderboard Legends

How to Create a Competition

Select Create Competition from the left toolbar.

1. Name

Create a competition name.
Select next.

2. Timeline

  • Select start date and end date
  • Competition timeline can not be retroactive
  • Competition timeline is continuous (i.e. If you start a competition on Monday at 8AM and end on Thursday at 5PM, all activity between start and end time will be accounted. The competition does NOT run from 8AM to 5PM each day, excluding hours outside of those hours. )
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3. Metrics

Metrics are made up of one or more parameters and their competition point values. First, name the metric (example: Sales, Service, Calls etc).
Select check box for Competition Metric and/or Wheel Spin Metric
  • Competition Metric: Competition must have at least one Competition Metric
    • Select how many points are awarded per metric (i.e. 1 point per call)
  • Wheel Spin Metric: This is an optional field that allows the metric to generate a wheel spin based on the parameters assigned to that metric (which you select in the next step). For example, if a parameter is ‘Outbound Calls’, a competitor would have a % chance to get a wheel spin with one outbound call.
    • Select the percent chance of a competitor getting a wheel spin when achieving a metric
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3.1. Metrics: Select Parameter Values

Parameters are the specific activities that earn points.
Select the parameter a competitor must complete to earn points.
Multiple parameters can be assigned to a single metric.
  • If more than one is selected, a competitor must complete ALL selected in order to earn the points or wheel spin associated with that metric.
  • If multiple parameters are selected, all must be satisfied within the same time frame to get points. For example, if you complete a call at 9 AM Tuesday and a WebEX appointment at 3 PM on Thursday, you do not get any points.
Select Next or Add Another Metric

4. Prizes

Select a cash or non-cash 1st prize
  • Selecting non-cash allows you to type text instead of numbers for the prizes
  • Click Add Another Prize to add prizes for more ranks (2nd, 3rd, 4th etc)
Select Next or Add Another Prize

4.1. Prizes: Wheel Spin Prizes (optional)

Select a cash or non-cash wheel spin prizes
  • Max Payouts: Select the number of prizes you want to give away
  • Percent Chance: This determines the chance of a competitor earning a wheel spin when completing the assigned metric
  • Wheel Spin Note: Earning a wheel spin does not guarantee winning a prize
Select Next or Add Another Prize

5. Competitors

Select desired competitors
  • Click Select All to add all competitors to competition
  • To deselect, click the X to the right of their name in the right panel
  • Ctrl F can be used to search for a competitor’s name
  • Note: A minimum of 2 competitors must be selected
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6. Summary

Review summary details
Select Launch Competition