Introducing Leaderboard Legends

Inspire Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation!

Leaderboard Legends launches the  momentum to move

your organization forward with gamification.

Ignite Motivation

Leaderboard Legends enables you to create custom competitions in multiple engaging formats.  Determine competition rules using any KPI, metric or activity that is aligned with your business objectives.

In just a few simple steps, your competition is off and running.  Your team will be focused on the activities that align with your company’s goals.

Competitions can be set for individuals, teams or even with other offices in your organization.  Whether you are driving sales numbers or improving your service team’s first call resolution, Leaderboard Legends competitions are the perfect tool to accelerate performance.

Data Integration

Integration with Racing Snail and client systems makes Leaderboard Legends a simple, turnkey solution.  

Leaderboard Legends provides real-time visibility for your team members and managers to day-to-day activity allowing you to quickly coach, adjust and celebrate wins as a group. 

Competitions in Leaderboard Legends rally the entire team around the mission, regardless of role.  By creating competitions to solve problems, you are fostering a culture of excellence and productivity, all while making the work more fun.

By creating competitions that align with key metrics your teams’ attention is focused on what matters, and you also provide an opportunity for team members to distinguish themselves from their peers.

The cumulative effect of Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation sets your team up for success.  If they are inputting data to one system, why not incorporate a competition to drive additional income-producing activity? 

Celebrate Excellence

Sometimes the competition that drives us most is the desire to do a little bit better than we did the day before.  The Intrinsic motivators that connect a person to the work itself are incredibly powerful. 

Leaderboard Legends Records  tracks team members’ personal bests, the collective office record or the “greatest of all time”.   

Records allows employees to not only compete with others, but provides a mechanism to recognize individual achievement.   The momentum of doing a little better every day propels your organization forward.

Broadcast & Appreciate

Recognition is currency – spend it generously and reap the return on your investment.

The number one reason people leave their jobs is they don’t feel appreciated.  Leaderboard Legends Broadcast feature recognizes employees for their accomplishments.  By publicly recognizing genuine achievement you make individuals’ success visible and you demonstrate your appreciation for their efforts.  Appreciation is one of the most fundamental motivations, and is costs nothing.

Your team members performance broadcasts in real time, generating excitement and momentum that motivates individuals and teams to keep focused on company goals.Brao

Get your Game On!